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Kitchen transformation

After the initial consultation, my recommendation to the owners of this home was to paint the tiled kitchen splashback with a specialised product to update the look.  This was undertake to great advantage.  Also it was recommended that the timber sideboard be moved from in front of the side window to allow more light into the room.


The results of these recommendations are definately tangiable - the property sold sight-unseen to an interstate buyer moving to the area.

Child's bedroom rejuvenation
The objective was to de-clutter this room whilst still retaining the  overall feel of a young girl's bedroom.  The recommendation was to remove the majority of toys to open the room up and create space.  The heirloom rocking horse was the hero piece and remained an integeral part of the styling process.  
Vacant property styling
Vacant properties are a specialty.  Enhance Home Styling has access to a large range of furniture, to suit all styles of properties.  An initial on-site consultation is performed to detirmine floor plan and layout of the home, then furniture is selected after discussions with the listing agent, to ensure that the final result will conect with the target market.    
Artwork accentuates the walls, and soft furnishings, rugs and lamps complete the look in this contemporary oceanview retreat.
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